FE Physics
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Electricity and Magnetism      
Electromagnetic spectrum      
Fluids, Gases and Heat      
Repetitive motions and waves      
Domain Formulas Explanation  
Overview formulas     -
Electricity and Magnetism Electric current formulas Electric current explanation
Electromagnetism formulas Electromagnetism explanation
  Induction and Alternating Current formulas Induction and Alternating Current explanation  
Electromagnetic spectrum Electromagnetic radiation formulas Electromagnetic radiation explanation  
  Line spectra formulas Line spectra explanation  
  Photoelectric effect formulas Photoelectric effect explanation  
Fluids, Gases and Heat Fluids formulas Fluids explanation  
Gases formulas Gases explanation
  Heat formulas Heat explanation  
Mechanics Force and Torque formulas Force and Torque explanation  
  Work and Energy formulas Work and Energy explanation  
Motion in two dimensions formulas Motion in two dimensions explanation
  One-dimensional motion formulas One-dimensional motion explanation  
Optics Diffraction grating formulas Diffraction grating explanation
  Lenses formulas Lenses explanation  
  Refraction formulas Refraction explanation  
Radioactivity Absorption formulas Absorption explanation  
  Activity formulas Activity explanation  
  Dose formulas Dose explanation  
  Mass  defect and energy formulas Mass defect and energy explanation  
  Radioactive decay formulas Radioactive decay explanation  
  Structure of the nucleus formulas Structure of the nucleus explanation  
Repetitive motions and waves Repetitive motions formulas Repetitive motions explanation  
  Traveling waves formulas  Travelling waves explanation  
  Standing transverse waves formulas Standing transverse waves explanation  
Standing longitudinal waves formulas Standing longitudinal waves explanation